Back to basics
Anything you even dreamed about can be done just at the moment when you realize your inner power.
Come back to basics and star by small steps.

Even a small step matter.
PureSelf is an initiative of ordinary people who dream about and do extraordinary things. Projects under Pureself have a clear vision:
Share the rediscoverd arts
Think about space and the way
you interact with it
Iniciate what can you do for yourself

We believe in the inner power of ourselves and others around us
Meet our team
Magdaléna Prunerová
Founder & Art Director
Magdaléna is a senior consultant, coach and CEO of PureSelf. She has long-term personal experience with training and creating training plans for business owners as well as the executive team. Her mission is to educate and share the knowledge of expert in modern agriculture, she is fascinated by the Aquaponics and wish to support businesses and hobby and community farmers all over the World.
Tereza Vrábelová
Pureself project manager, consultant and hobby farmer
Tereza has superior organizational skills and experience in creating effective training plans. She takes care about information, organization and all needs related with courses.

She is also an utmost enthusiast into the aquaponics and keeps spending a lot of time going through successes and stories all of the farms around the world.
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